Shannon began working in the field of youth development in 2002. Through her passion and consistent efforts, she has become a highly regarded youth development resource, dedicating a considerable amount of time consulting with youth development programs across Montana.


Fluent in a variety of youth development philosophies, including prevention theory, asset development theory, and the theories of positive youth development, Shannon is well-versed in youth program design and evaluation. She utilizes her training as a Prevention Specialist in the development of youth program theories of change and logic models. Shannon works diligently to stay current with cutting edge youth development models and research, and dedicates a significant amount of time to investigating emerging resiliency models such as growth mindset.


Shannon’s most impressive youth development skill by far is her ability to directly connect with and inspire young people. She has a knack for building authentic and relevant connections using her high-energy and candid approach, while also using her professional yet laid-back style to quickly build rapport and credibility with young people. Shannon approaches youth with a high-level of respect and a belief that they are autonomous individuals, capable of anything they put their mind to.


She regularly works with some of the state’s largest youth development entities as well as small organizations entering the youth development field, and has proven her effectiveness with a variety of age groups, backgrounds, and group sizes.


Shannon has served on several youth development boards and advisory councils, including the Helena Youth Advisory Council, the Bozeman Youth Initiative, Reach Higher Montana, and the Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation. Shannon is also certified in Youth Mental-Health First-Aid, and a certified Associate Life Coach with a focus in working with youth and young adults. 

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“I am with the Montana Department of Labor and the program I work with serves high school students in schools across the state. Our program brought Shannon in to facilitate a four-hour workshop for 250 our students at our Annual Leadership Conference. She spent quite a bit of time beforehand, making sure we were all on the same page with content and delivery, timelines and detail. I was very impressed with her commitment to meeting and exceeding our expectations. The workshop went better than we could have ever expected. Shannon's high energy, and ability to work a room so effectively, resulted in 99% engagement. Students were interested in her approach and her content; teachers were impressed with her knowledge and humor; we were amazed at her energy! It was a highly successful event and we plan to continue working with Shannon.”

- Morgan Marks, Jobs for Montana Graduate