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Shannon’s interest in women’s leadership began in college where she led a campus-based women’s organization and completed coursework in women’s studies. Her passion for women’s leadership has not waivered and still plays a significant role in her professional and personal endeavors. She finds tremendous value and purpose in supporting women in leadership roles, and genuinely believes that when women succeed, we all succeed.


While recognizing that no two women are alike, Shannon understands that despite our unique differences, women face universal challenges while serving in leadership roles. Her comprehensive approach is informed through her appreciation for the complex space in which women leaders operate, historical knowledge of women’s issues, and awareness of current social constraints and “double bind” assumptions which influence perceptions and behavior.


Shannon’s leadership philosophies align with the principles of authentic, transformative, and facilitative leadership theories, all of which provide women with the tools and frameworks to explore and define their own leadership, in both precise and holistic ways. Her own leadership experiences, as well as her work in overseeing women’s leadership development in traditionally male-dominated fields, provide her with ample first-hand experiences to inform her efforts.


Shannon engaged in Women’s Studies during her time at Fort Lewis College and has served in professional and community leadership roles throughout her career. She currently serves as one of the chairs of Montana Matriarch, a women’s giving circle and service organization based in Livingston, Montana, and is a member of Power House Montana, a program of the Women’s Foundation of Montana. In 2006 she was appointed by Governor Brian Schweitzer to serve as the Chair for the Interagency Committee for Change by Women.  

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"Shannon is a master at her craft. I have had the honor of working alongside her developing and running a Women's Giving Circle called Montana Matriarch. I am continually blown away by Shannon's ability to captivate, engage and inspire an audience in a way that is rarely seen. She exudes professionalism, humor, energy, and grace.She has a remarkable ability to push people outside their comfort zone in a way that facilitates their own personal growth and draws them closer together with those around them."

- Rachel Anderson, President, Markouture