Each year, Verve Exchange creates and delivers trainings for dozens of nonprofits, government programs, universities, and small businesses.  Trainings are outcome-based and custom tailored to your organization’s objectives by incorporating our Core Curriculum into your specific goals. A Verve Exchange training can be designed as a one-hour workshop, a four-day intensive retreat, or anywhere in between, with group sizes ranging from 5 to more than 200.

As a trainer, Shannon’s delivery is couched in wit, passion, and her belief in empowerment. She uses creative dialogue and interaction strategies to draw out existing knowledge from the group, allowing participants to engage meaningfully in their own learning experience. Her methodology is rooted in the principles of experiential learning and adult education, and she is able to use both to effectively engage participants in identifying real-life parallels and practical applications of the concepts learned.


Participants often find Verve Exchange sessions unlike any other training experience they’ve had. Rife with energy and cohesion, Shannon creates an environment where participants are able to uncover a newfound ability to tap into a set of tools that once were difficult to articulate or use. The secret lies in building a carefully sequenced curriculum, where concepts build upon each other and create a natural learning process, leading participants to their own connections and “ah-ha” moments. These moments of synergy and learning, coupled with the outcome-based approach, make the time spent feel both purposeful and productive.


Training fees are assessed based upon training delivery time, curriculum development needs, audience size, and travel requirements. Verve Exchange regularly books trainings six months to a year in advance of an event, and schedules fill up fast. If you are interested in engaging Verve Exchange for a training, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hold your date!

"Shannon represents a rare breed of individual who cares deeply about her work and can actually inspire people to use training space to gain new skills and competencies and become their best. I think it's important to point out that she has a lot of fun doing what she does. Where employees or volunteers can often look at training as a chore or a punitive exercise, training time spent with Shannon moves quickly, brings out deep engagement by participants and at the end of the day, is fun and leaves participants with new tools, motivation and ideas. To say simply that Shannon completes what she sets out to do doesn't explain the high standard of excellence that Shannon holds for herself and others. She has the rare ability to bring humor, self-awareness and a strong background in learning theory to lead, inspire and motivate people of all backgrounds"

- Josh Vanek, Montana Campus Compact

“While some webinars and online courses can feel distant for the learner, Shannon has a special ability to design content and facilitate online learning experiences that are both practical and engaging. Shannon can take almost any content and find the most interesting angle to excite the audience. Her professionalism and humor allow her audience to feel like they are right there in the room with her!”

Rachael Radick, Education Northwest


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