Shannon began consulting in 2006 and formally created Verve Exchange in 2015. Each year she engages an average of 30 distinct clients throughout Montana and nationwide. Shannon chose the name Verve Exchange to represent the spirited nature of her work and to highlight her emphasis on co-creation. She is driven by the belief that client interactions should be a continuous exchange, one where all parties involved have the ability to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences in order to create a greater outcome, together.

As a trainer, Shannon’s delivery is couched in wit, passion, and her belief in empowerment. She uses creative dialogue and interaction strategies to draw out existing knowledge from the group, allowing participants to engage meaningfully in their own learning experience. Her methodology is rooted in the principles of experiential learning and adult education, and she is able to use both to effectively engage participants in identifying real-life parallels and practical applications of the concepts learned.

Participants often find Verve Exchange training sessions unlike any other training experience they’ve had. Rife with energy and cohesion, Shannon creates an environment where participants are able to uncover a newfound ability to tap into a set of tools that once were difficult to articulate or use. The secret lies in building a carefully sequenced curriculum, where concepts build upon each other and create a natural learning process, leading participants to their own connections and “ah-ha” moments. These moments of synergy and learning, coupled with the outcome-based approach, make the time spent feel both purposeful and productive.

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