Abby Edwards

Executive Director, Families First Learning Lab

When our organization was seeking a facilitator for a strategic planning session, I was so grateful to get connected with Shannon. Our small non-profit was at pivotal point of transition and Shannon was just the person we needed to inspire change and help set our direction for the future. From start to finish, Shannon was an expert. I was impressed at the research she had done regarding our mission and work. It enabled her to have authentic conversations and gain trust very quickly from our board and staff. Shannon has a gift for making people feel comfortable and connects in a way that makes everyone feel like she’s been a part of the team for years. We walked away from Strategic Planning with the tools and resources to build an actionable plan that is still being used to measure our success and guide our future decisions.”

Erica Aytes Coyle

Executive Director, HAVEN

Shannon delivers! She brings high energy and a passion for the work of strategic planning. Working with Shannon is an engaging, fun process with great outcomes. 

Jeanne Loftus

University of Montana Global Leadership Initiative

Shannon has worked with us through our Global Leadership Initiative for several years. She does a great job listening to our needs, asking the right questions, creating meaningful content, and checking in with us afterwards to assess her delivery. But the best part in working with Shannon, by far, is that she effectively connects with our students and helps them learn and reflect on the content she delivers! Her ability to engage and deliver is what makes her truly valuable.

Kate Deuel

Executive Director, Home ReSource

There are so many things I appreciate about Shannon - she is straightforward, insightful, fun, and ridiculously knowledgeable.  She is a great teacher and trainer, and will deliver what you asked for and more, because she recognizes what people need in the moment, and has the depth and breadth of knowledge to tackle the tough issues and pivot to what is needed most.  Shannon is open and genuine - she shares real experiences that help people feel comfortable, encouraged to recognize their challenges and motivated and empowered to tackle them.  Shannon never falters in her belief that you can get your organization or business where you want it to go, she listens, helps you define where you are gong, then she tells, shows and practically dances you through the steps, making each piece real and do-able, and providing the support, encouragement and tools you need to do it. Wherever you are stuck or looking for direction, I'd recommend starting with a conversation with Shannon.

Kevin Sylvester

Executive Director, Eagle Mount

Few presenters can captivate an audience like Shannon Stober. I have been a participant in several of Shannon's presentations and have had the pleasure of co-training with Shannon on a handful of leadership development courses. I have always admired Shannon for being extremely well articulate, dynamic, knowledgeable, insightful, and thought provoking with the training sessions she designs and her facilitation style. Shannon presents industry tested and proven methods, informed through her career in leadership development and program management. Shannon designs an individualized curriculum filled with tangible action steps to empower, motivate, educate, and encourage each person she engages with. Few facilitators match Shannon's ability to connect with her audience and inspire those she trains. Shannon leaves participants measurably more introspective and attuned to the dynamics of working with others.

Liz Moore

Executive Director, Montana Non-Profit Association

Shannon is such a talented educator -- Her presentation on Volunteer Management was an inspiring addition to the MNA Annual Conference, and had excellent reviews. Her expertise is exceptional and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Betsy Miller

Governor's Office of Community Service

Our office holds an annual symposium for more than 200 participants from across Montana and Shannon Stober has worked with us multiple times as a trainer and keynote speaker. She brings contagious enthusiasm and is able to relate the material to diverse audiences. Our interactions have been nothing but professional and Shannon's mastery of training techniques and developmental theories is apparent. In follow-up event surveys, Shannon consistently receives excellent reviews and feedback by our participants.

Jeffrey Tiberi

Montana Association of Conservation Districts

I've been working with Shannon for about four years on a statewide project of national significance. I've attended numerous meetings and trainings with her, and found her perceptive, attentive, and an inquisitive thinker. She is quick to discover the issue at hand, while others circled and had difficulty identifying a problem. She is approachable, gregarious, and quick to smile. I would hire or work for Shannon and have great respect for her abilities.

Shaun Loveless

Fort Lewis College TRIO Program

Shannon facilitated leadership training and led a thorough visioning workshop for our small team of TRiO professionals, working on promoting student success within minority or under represented populations at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. After the two day workshop, the feedback from colleagues was excellent. Everyone was able to articulate strong value in the quality of the material presented and in the professional way in which she delivered content. Further, each team member acknowledged that the training had assisted in cultivating a greater sense of awareness of each other and established a more cohesive approach to tackling short and long-term goals. All that and Shannon kept us laughing or crying. It was a very memorable experience.

Bridget Wilkinson

Executive Director, Bozeman Area Community Foundation

Shannon is simply the best. The Bozeman Area Community Foundation was led by Shannon for a strategic planning process. She was professional, timely and brought so much experience to the table. In just one session, Shannon listened to our opportunities and challenges as an organization and she was able to synthesize them into a draft document the next day. She is a great listener and she has the keen ability to draw from her years of experience to make sense of what sometimes feels like very abstract ideas or concepts. To her, they make sense. Shannon made a typically messy process very streamlined and understandable. She provided our board and staff with an exception final product that we will be using for years to come! I would recommend Shannon to any entity, for profit or nonprofit, in needs of planning and facilitation support. There are many ways we'd love to work with Shannon in the future!

Megan Vincient

Montana Office for Public Instruction

Shannon is one of the best facilitators I have experienced to date. Her ability to connect to the audience, stay enthusiastic and keep participants active is one of a kind. She gets the message across to participants in a way that is relevant, useful and exciting. We have contracted with her for seven years in a row for the same event, and I have taken something new away each time. Shannon is easy to work with when planning an event, is flexible, and brings an extensive knowledge base. Hiring Shannon is a no-brainer if you want your event to be successful!

Katie Wing

The Loft Spa

Shannon has produced a powerful and lasting transformation for my business. Her approach is always super fun and wonderfully effective! Historically she provided staff trainings that helped my employees relate to and understand one another on a completely different level. Recently, we have had the opportunity to bring her on in a coaching capacity, addressing the lack of infrastructure that existed in our organization mainly due to the rapid growth and expansion we experienced early on in our formation. Her ability to organize this process and create leadership among the group continues to amaze me! I highly recommend Verve Exchange to anyone who wants to streamline their organization while increasing moral among their members. Shannon truly is a rockstar and we wouldn't be where we are without her!

Loni Odenbeck & Chris Kenyon

Owners, 360 Pet Medical

We have been working with Shannon for over a year now to transform our small business. To say her management consulting and workshops for our staff have been life-altering is an understatement. She has assisted us in the areas of management, supervision, team building, communication, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence. She has a truly remarkable way of speaking to reach everyone in the crowd. Her honest and candid communication style has been a tremendous asset in taking our management team to a new level. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve your business or improve your team!

Kaleena Miller

Energy Corps

As a member of the Montana AmeriCorps family, I've attended Shannon Stober's trainings as an AmeriCorps service member participant and as program staff, in addition to hiring Shannon to train new members in my program. Her level of knowledge can only be rivaled by her enthusiasm and positive energy. Quite simply, she knows her audience well, reads them quickly and makes adjustments, and provides such top quality training that participants can't help but walk away inspired. What sets Shannon apart is her experience and her ability to translate her experiences into relatable parallels for her trainees. Shannon is the whole package and all those who have experienced her training’s would surely agree.

Abby Zent

Prevention Resource Center

Shannon has been the keynote speaker at several events I have attended. Shannon is very energetic, engaging, and has a unique way of connecting with participants. She can communicate so that everyone understands but is never talking down to the group. I have recommended Shannon to a variety of groups and will continue to do so.

Katie McKeown

Montana State Parks

Shannon is one of the very best facilitators I have seen.  She excels at getting the entire room engaged in learning and brings energy and excitement to any topic.  She uses diverse tactics to reach people with different learning styles and brings ideas to life with activities and discussions.  She is very intelligent and researches the groups she works with in order to connect with participants on a personal level. If you are lucky enough to work with Shannon, you will no doubt get the most out of your meeting or training.

Josh Vanek

Montana Campus Compact

Shannon represents a rare breed of individual who cares deeply about her work and can actually inspire people to use training space to gain new skills and competencies and become their best. I think it's important to point out that she has a lot of fun doing what she does. Where employees or volunteers can often look at training as a chore or a punitive exercise, training time spent with Shannon moves quickly, brings out deep engagement by participants and at the end of the day, is fun and leaves participants with new tools, motivation and ideas. To say simply that Shannon completes what she sets out to do doesn't explain the high standard of excellent that Shannon holds for herself and others. She has the rare ability to bring humor, self-awareness and a strong background in learning theory to lead, inspire and motivate people of all backgrounds.

Jedd Sankar-Gorton

Montana Conservation Corps

National and community service is becoming a more and more important part of our future. Shannon Stober has a unique grasp on what it means to serve. She is able, more than anyone else I have worked with, to translate that understanding into motivation and inspiration for the people around her. It is not just her teaching and mentoring that help, it is her passion for the work and the way of life that actually adds an entirely new layer to the experience.

Rachael Radick

Education Northwest

While some webinars and online courses can feel distant for the learner, Shannon has a special ability to design content and facilitate online learning experiences that are both practical and engaging. Shannon can take almost any content and find the most interesting angle to excite the audience. Her professionalism and humor allow her audience to feel like they are right there in the room with her!

Mandy St. Aubyn

Montana State University Office of Activities and Engagement

We have worked with Shannon for several years through a variety of programs administered through Montana State University. Shannon's high energy and engaging demeanor keep all participants eager and ready to learn. Her ability to draw people in and make them think critically is unmatched. She challenges participants to think outside their comfort zone and pushes everyone to take another perspective. Plus, her sense of humor keeps people smiling and happy!

Troy Duker


I met Shannon when I was the information specialist at WorldMontana: Center for Diplomacy and Leadership. She facilitated several of our programs like the Brazil Youth Ambassador Program and the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program. Shannon quickly built a rapport with these young participants and was great at inspiring introspection in them. The program participants would generally attend workshops with her several times throughout the duration of the program, working with them to create action plans for issues that were significant to them. She was a hit every time! Her fun-loving personality and professional aptitude make her a stand-out choice.

Morgan Marks

Jobs for Montana Graduates

I am with the Montana Department of Labor and the program I work with serves high school students in schools across the state. Our program brought Shannon in to facilitate a four-hour workshop for 250 our students at our Annual Leadership Conference. She spent quite a bit of time beforehand, making sure we were all on the same page with content and delivery, timelines and detail. I was very impressed with her commitment to meeting and exceeding our expectations. The workshop went better than expected. Shannon's high energy, and ability to work a room so effectively, resulted in 99% engagement. Students were interested in her approach and her content; teachers were impressed with her knowledge and humor; we were amazed at her energy! It was a highly successful event and we plan to continue working with Shannon.

Brian Wittmer

Montana Conservation Corps

I had the pleasure of attending a leadership development program facilitated by Shannon Stober. To start, Shannon had a ton of energy and kept the attention of every person in the room. She is an excellent public speaker and extremely motivational. I studied Wilderness Leadership in college and had taught a few courses on the subject. I walked out of her program understanding things that still puzzled me after years of leadership training. I highly recommend Shannon and her services to anyone.

Tami Parrott

Montana State University

As an instructor at Montana State University, I am always hoping to find dynamic outside speakers who can complement and add to my courses in the Animal and Range Sciences Department. Shannon, an expert in personal development and leadership, graciously accepted my request to volunteer her time to speak to one of my animal science classes.  Shannon did an exceptional job of engaging the students through the interactive group activities she prepared.  Throughout her presentation, she posed challenging, thought-provoking questions to the students.  Shannon is clearly passionate about helping today’s young professionals. Her enthusiasm and desire to enlighten the students about their own personality traits as well as challenging them to think about their interactions with others was exceptional. Thanks to Shannon, the students involved in this course left her lectures with important social skills they can utilize to become effective members and leaders of their professions and communities in the future.

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