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Verve Exchange understands the importance of aligning efforts and systems within a well-thought-out framework, and knows that developing sound theories and strategies to guide our work is critical to our success.


Shannon represents the rare individual who is both passionate about the planning process and skilled in the development of planning resources and products. She is trained in the development of logic models and theories of change, completing graduate courses in Strategic Planning and Leadership as well as Organizational Development. Her experience as both an academic and practitioner in this area have resulted in a planning style that is both pragmatic and theoretical, aimed towards building tools that create accountability and guide organizational activity and decision-making in clear, meaningful ways.


Shannon believes that while there are components and best-practices that should be included in all strategic planning and development activities, there is no “one right way” to go about the work, and everything produced must be co-created with clients and stakeholders. She recognizes that these processes can be messy and iterative, and communicates closely with her clients to ensure that the end product represents a resource that effectively meets their specific needs.


Potential strategic planning and program development clients are accepted on a limited basis. Interested clients are granted a free, sixty-minute consultation to establish client needs and assess whether Verve Exchange is an appropriate fit. 

"Shannon is simply the best. The Bozeman Area Community Foundation was led by Shannon for a strategic planning process. She was professional, timely and brought so much experience to the table. In just one session, Shannon listened to our opportunities and challenges as an organization and she was able to synthesize them into a draft document the next day. She is a great listener and she has the keen ability to draw from her years of experience to make sense of what sometimes feels like very abstract ideas or concepts. To her, they make sense. Shannon made a typically messy process very streamlined and understandable. She provided our board and staff with an exception final product that we will be using for years to come! I would recommend Shannon to any entity, for profit or nonprofit, in needs of planning and facilitation support. There are many ways we'd love to work with Shannon in the future!"

- Bridget Wilkinson, Executive Director, Bozeman Area Community Foundation

"There are so many things I appreciate about Shannon - she is straightforward, insightful, fun, and ridiculously knowledgeable.  She is a great teacher and trainer, and will deliver what you asked for and more, because she recognizes what people need in the moment, and has the depth and breadth of knowledge to tackle the tough issues and pivot to what is needed most.  Shannon is open and genuine - she shares real experiences that help people feel comfortable, encouraged to recognize their challenges and motivated and empowered to tackle them.  Shannon never falters in her belief that you can get your organization or business where you want it to go, she listens, helps you define where you are gong, then she tells, shows and practically dances you through the steps, making each piece real and do-able, and providing the support, encouragement and tools you need to do it. Wherever you are stuck or looking for direction, I'd recommend starting with a conversation with Shannon."

- Kate Deuel, Executive Director, Home ReSource