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Shannon was once asked “Aren’t you that woman who is really into AmeriCorps?” Her answer was an emphatic “Yes!” If you were to ask for her opinion of National Service, she would be quick to tell you that National Service isn’t a program, it’s a movement, and an important one at that.


After completing two-terms of service as an AmeriCorps *VISTA, Shannon spent the following decade working as a staff member for National Service programs throughout Montana. In addition to staffing programs directly, she worked in the Governor’s Office of Community Service where she staffed the Montana Commission on Community Service as well as National Service Cross-Stream Training Committee.


Shannon possesses a rare combination of expertise in all streams of service, including AmeriCorps *VISTA, AmeriCorps State, SeniorCorps, and Conservation Corps models. She has directly supervised members, overseen multi-state service programs, designed and delivered member development plans, participated in the development of statewide service plans and strategies, and implemented impact and monitoring tools for a variety of service models.


Each year, Shannon trains more than 200 AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps *VISTA members throughout Montana, while also having designed and delivered several nationwide trainings for AmeriCorps *VISTAs, *VISTA Supervisors, and affiliates of America’s Service Commissions. In addition, she has served as a National Service trainer and subject-matter expert with both Education Northwest and the *VISTA Training Unit on the topics of community assessment, stakeholder development, and community engagement.


Shannon has been invited to serve as a plenary speaker and keynote speaker at the Serve Montana Symposium every year since 2013, and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Montana AmeriCorps Alumni Chapter. In 2014, Shannon was the recipient of the AmeriCorps Alumni Local Leadership Award.


“National and community service is becoming a more and more important part of our future. Shannon Stober has a unique grasp on what it means to serve. She is able, more than anyone else I have worked with, to translate that understanding into motivation and inspiration for the people around her. It is not just her teaching and mentoring that help, it is her passion for the work and the way of life that actually adds an entirely new layer to the experience.”

- Jedd Sankar-Gorton, Montana Conservation Corps