Verve Exchange provides advanced group processing and facilitation services to assist you and your team in engaging in generative dialogue, making key decisions, and moving forward in agreement.


As a facilitator, Shannon plays a content neutral role and focuses her energy on managing relationships, monitoring the environment, and overseeing processes designed to meet session outcomes.  


In an effort to increase participation and accommodate various learning and sense-making styles, Shannon uses a variety of activities and tactics to ensure that everyone has a voice and contributes fully to the conversation. She relies upon the use of powerful questions and reflective listening to summarize session content and confirm understanding, while making sure to manage time closely and keep the group forward-focused.


Facilitation fees are assessed based upon in-person facilitation time, research and discovery needs, audience size, and travel requirements. Verve Exchange regularly books facilitation activities six-months to one year in advance of an event, and schedules fill up fast. If you are interested in engaging Verve Exchange for facilitation services, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hold your date!


“Shannon is one of the very best facilitators I have seen.  She excels at getting the entire room engaged in learning and brings energy and excitement to any topic.  She uses diverse tactics to reach people with different learning styles and brings ideas to life with activities and discussions.  She is very intelligent and researches the groups she works with in order to connect with participants on a personal level. If you are lucky enough to work with Shannon, you will no doubt get the most out of your meeting or event.”

- Katie McKeown, Montana State Parks