Verve Exchange creates and delivers trainings for nonprofits, government programs, universities, and small businesses to build leadership and communication skills critical for planning, productivity, decision-making, and cooperation in the real world. Trainings are outcome-based and custom tailored to your organization’s objectives based on our Foundations and your specific goals. A Verve Exchange can be designed as a one-hour workshop, four-day intensive retreat, or anywhere in between, with group sizes ranging from 5 to more than 200.

After a Verve Exchange, participants often find it unlike any training experience they’ve had, rife with energy, cohesion, and a newfound ability to tap into a set of tools they struggled to articulate or put to use. The secret lies in a carefully sequenced curriculum where concepts build upon each other and create a natural learning process leading participants to their own connections and “ah-ha” moments. These moments of synergy and learning, coupled with the outcome-based approach, make the time spent feel holistically purposeful and productive.

Shannon’s delivery is couched in wit, passion, empathy, and the ability to draw out the knowledge in the room from participants using creative dialogue and interaction. Her methodology is rooted in the principles of experiential learning and adult education, which she uses to engage participants in identifying real-life parallels and practical applications. She has more than 10 years of experience training groups, developing curriculum, and mastering leadership and facilitation skills.

"As a member of the Montana AmeriCorps family, I've attended Shannon Stober's trainings as an AmeriCorps service member participant and as program staff, in addition to hiring Shannon to train new members in my program. Her level of knowledge can only be rivaled by her enthusiasm and positive energy. Quite simply, she knows her audience well, reads them quickly and makes adjustments, and provides such top quality training that participants can't help but walk away inspired. What sets Shannon apart is her experience and her ability to translate her experiences into relatable parallels for her trainees. Shannon is the whole package and all those who have experienced her training’s would surely agree."

- Kaleena Miller, Energy Corps