Your organization has a vision and a plan, and carrying them out makes for a lofty mission. What now? Verve Exchange will work with you to design the tactical implementation tools needed to marry your mission with your program objectives and develop the structures to make your impact sustainable. 

Shannon has a deep understanding of the community-building life cycle, gained through 15 years of experience in program development at the community, campus, and state level. She is fluent in the use of logic models and program matrices, both of which form the foundation to designing, implementing, and evaluating programs. 

After you identify your organization’s unique systems and objectives together, Shannon will show you how to create program tools from scratch, align them with the work you do, and bring a vision to fruition. This reusable process will provide your organization with a clear path to implement future visions without feeling like you are shooting blind. 

Her particular expertise is in the area of Positive Youth Development and nonprofit services.

"Shannon has worked with us through our Global Leadership Initiative for several years. She does a great job listening to our needs, asking the right questions, creating meaningful content, and checking in with us afterwards to assess her delivery. But the best part in working with Shannon, by far, is that she effectively connects with our students and helps them learn and reflect on the content she delivers! Her ability to engage and deliver is what makes her truly valuable."

- Jeanne Loftus, University of Montana Global Leadership Initiative