As a facilitator, Shannon plays a neutral role to ensure productivity while allowing all attendees to focus on participating and contributing during meetings and planning sessions. She uses of a variety of activities and processes to increase participation and accommodates various learning and processing styles to ensure that everyone has a voice and contributes to the process.


Shannon relies on reflective listening and summarizing to confirm understanding and agreement to enabled the collective group to collaborate and achieve synergy.  She provides “leadership from the back of the room” through exceptional attention to process, dynamics, and outcomes and focuses on time management and maintaining forward progress.

"Shannon is one of the best facilitators I have experienced to date. Her ability to connect to the audience, stay enthusiastic and keep participants active is one of a kind. She gets the message across to participants in a way that is relevant, useful and exciting. We have contracted with her for seven years in a row for the same event, and I have taken something new away each time. Shannon is easy to work with when planning an event, is flexible, and brings an extensive knowledge base. Hiring Shannon is a no-brainer if you want your event to be successful!" - Megan Vincient, Montana Office for Public Instruction