Verve Exchange offers candid, authentic, non-judgmental one-on-one coaching services for professionals and students. Sessions are customized to your set of personal outcomes or projects and session lengths and coaching duration will vary accordingly. 

Through focused and thorough dialogues, Shannon will help you gain awareness of your default behaviors and explore where they work for and where they work against you. In addition, she will assist you in assessing how your professional and personal life systems contribute to or detract from your goals, and together you will identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. With these in mind, Shannon will provide the framework to implement and practice new systems (roles, responsibilities, decision-making, and follow-through) and behaviors (skills from the Foundations). Throughout the process you will participate in a variety of feedback activities in order to gain additional perspective on new and existing skills.

Without exception, you will find Shannon to be a highly attentive listener with whom you can be honest and vulnerable about the experiences that make you. Past clients cite the trust Shannon fostered during their coaching sessions as valuable peace of mind that grew their confidence to employ new tools and affect quantifiable, positive change in their lives and workplaces. You will also be directed to a wide array of community and educational resources to continue to expand your development.

"Through two terms as an Americorps member, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Shannon Stober on a professional and personal level.  I have yet to come across another individual who is as focused and passionate about inspiring others to develop and grow their own leadership skills as Shannon is.  Even though she is a tremendous large audience speaker who can cause any single individual to feel significant through her powerful words, her one on one coaching style has provided me with my most influential and constructive feedback.

As a young man who has struggled with speaking aloud for two decades due to a substantial stutter, I had consistently felt shy and uncomfortable in my own skin.  After having several private conversations with Shannon, I have learned to not be afraid or embarrassed of who I am, and instead embrace what makes me, me.  She enters every encounter with an open mind and has the utmost respect for everyone around her.  I continually refer back to Shannon's advice, and truly cannot thank her enough for guiding me into becoming a much more comfortable and confident person and leader."

- Travis Althouse, Montana Conservation Corps