As humans, we all need to feel heard and supported. Many of us benefit greatly from having someone outside of our immediate circle who we can trust and turn to for advice and resources when needed. To this end, Verve Exchange offers a unique approach to one-on-one leadership and management coaching for those who seek partnership, guidance, and personal and professional development.


Shannon approaches her one-on-one clients using a blend of coaching, consulting, and training strategies, while creating and maintaining a safe space for vulnerability and transparency. As you work to meet your goals, she will help you to explore the knowledge and skills you currently possess while also gently guiding you towards new resources and ideas. Shannon understands that shifting beliefs and behaviors takes time and will be patient as you navigate change. Her hands-on approach will provide you with a system of accountability, as well as direct, constructive feedback, to help provide you with as much information as possible when choosing the behaviors and approaches that will serve you best.


Shannon received her Associate Life Coach certification from Coaching EDU and uses this knowledge to frame and design her coaching activities.  Additionally, she relies upon more than a decade of work researching fundamental skill development, leadership theories, and human resources to inform her practices and meet her client’s needs.


Potential coaching clients are accepted on a limited basis. Interested clients are granted a free, sixty-minute consultation to establish client needs and assess whether Verve Exchange is an appropriate fit. 

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“Having grown to a clinic of 9 employees in 5 years, I have relied on Shannon’s expertise in many capacities.  Whether you need to discuss how to be emotionally intelligent around volatile issues or need basic nuts and bolts of human resource topics, she can help you and your team.  Not only does she have an incredible amount of skills and knowledge to share, she delivers her information in a high energy, efficient manner that appeals to all.   Shannon at Verve Exchange offers guidance that is crucial to the success of your small business, allowing you to have a positive, productive work environment where your employees feel that they are a valued part of the team.”

- Darcy Cook, Owner, Granite Sports Medicine